Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living

A collaboration between Architect Gerard Damiani and Artist Jeremy Boyle is profiled in the recently released Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living by Princeton Architectural Press.

A quote from Princeton Architectural Press:

“Think big, design small. This is the rallying cry of a new generation of architects and artists who aim to improve the lives of city-dwellers through small-scale public design projects. Using the city as an open-source platform for ideas, these visionaries create "urban interventions" to address problems specific to urban life. Small Scale presents fifty ingenious yet simple projects ranging from the purely conceptual to the fully realized.

The projects in Small Scale are organized into three sections: those that provide practical services, those that share information, and those that simply delight. Each project is eminently achievable and most do not require many permits or much government oversight or tremendous use of natural resources; indeed, some suggest solutions to the larger problem of energy consumption. Designed by both well-known and up-and-coming architects the projects in Small Scale reflect the promise of new ideas, new materials, and new technologies.”


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